Horses can offer us so much.  All your defences melt away and time dissipates when you spend time with these special creatures. Each session is so incredibly unique and highly attuned to your needs. 

Working with horses to be the best version of ourselves

Equine Assisted Learning Session 

1.5 hours $180 / 2 hours $220


This session is designed to support you through whatever you are navigating or working through in your life.  The horses are free to roam in a tranquil garden area.  There is ample opportunity to spend time with them.  When you work with horses you can't help but be your authentic self. You become embodied, congruent and totally present.


I'll facilitate the structure of the session and tailor it to suit you and why you've come.  This could be anything from anxiety, depression, grief to just spending some time with these remarkable creatures and getting back to feeling like you again.


During a session the horses may be haltered for you to work with one on one,  groomed or sometimes even a mounted session can be offered.  We just work with what unfolds during the session.


Equine Assisted Learning Session for Children & Teens 8-16yrs

1 hour $100 / 1.5 hour $150 midweek

1.5 hour $180 / 2 hour $220 weekends

This is essentially the same session as above as a resource for families wanting to share with their children this most unique and healing modality.  If you are curious regarding one of these sessions for your child.  The most common things we have worked with are anxiety, depression, personal boundaries, social anxiety, bullying, recovering from sexual abuse and irrational fears. The most prevalent part of the work is that everything we do and experience is related to how we can incorporate the learning into our everyday lives, providing great resourcing and life skills.











Horses healing people with Equine or Horse Therapy

Equine Assisted Learning & Healing Session 

2 hours $220


This session incorporates many of the same principles highlighted above, however, after the time spent with the horses, you'll move onto a massage table in the paddock area.  There is something very magical lying on table under the trees, horses grazing around you and deeply connected with nature all around.  I work on your body using reflexology on the feet and energy balancing techniques that are useful in supporting the physical body coming back into balance.  As we are doing this, the horses may come and interact with us or stay further away. They are not tethered or enticed with food, it is totally up to them what they do.  We take notice of their body language and can gauge when they are assisting us, as their cues are quite obvious to spot.  They lick and chew, yawn, and go into a trance-like state when deep energetic work is occurring. It is very special. 


Being with such magnificent animals with the most impeccable ability for stillness is incredible.  When the herd are in that zone together, some fabulous high energy healing work is occurring. Typically, as we drop down more into stillness they will come closer.  


They often help you release at a deeper level. What I know from this work is, they assist you in releasing what you no longer want to carry. They open hearts and bring clarity to what you want in your life.  This is a potent healing experience that will leave you connected with yourself, your dreams and possibilities but equally grounded in the here and now. 

Healing therapy with horses ptsd - Equine Therapy in Victoria, Australia

Private Group Session with the herd - 2 hours


If you are in the Daylesford & Macedon Ranges Region for a girls weekend, hens weekend or a romantic couples weekend getaway.  Perhaps you are looking for a unique activity to do with your family or group of friends. Why not experience a truly unique relaxing way to enjoy this most beautiful part of Victoria.

$60 per person minimum of 4.


If you are looking for an experience to bathe your nervous system in comfort.  Come and spend some time at Heart of the Horse. What a beautiful way to connect with friends, your beloved or perhaps your family as a group.  Being around calm, healthy and content horses will soothe you from the inside out.  We have even been known to do create a beautiful ceremony for Brides to Be which balances the Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine incorporating horses into the process. 

Mindfulness Session - Incorporating Horse Wisdom into our modern lives

2 hours $55 per person

Throughout the Spring, Summer & Autumn we will meet with the intention of helping incorporate horse wisdom into our everyday lives.  Imagine sitting in a beautiful garden, the fire crackling, the horses grazing nearby and the sound of nature all around.  I promise your nervous system will love it! Bliss!!


If you have a group of friends, belong to a community group, have a class of children or adolescents or know of a small group of people who may enjoy this experience, private group sessions can be arranged on request. Prices start at $50 per person for a 120 minute session (minimum of 4 required).  For longer group sessions including Half day & Full day packages please email your request through, together we can create an experience to match your specific needs.


Horse Therapy or Equine Therapy or Equine-Assisted Therapy - Heart of The Horse
Mindfulness with horses - Horse Therapy or Equine Therapy or Equine-Assisted Therapy - Heart of The Horse


Confirmation and cancellation fee schedule for individual sessions

My sessions book out several weeks in advance, especially the Saturday time slots as they are in high demand.  If there is a cancellation on the day the full fee is to be paid, as many people have most likely been turned away from that timeslot.  If the cancellation is within 24hours, you will be required to pay 50% if I cannot fill the spot from a waitlist.  If you are a first time client on a Saturday session a non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your session.  If the weather is inclement I will contact you to discuss our options.