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I am always so humbled, reaffirmed and grateful for the transformational, healing effects of horses, nature, connection and sharing sacred spaces that we create with intention 

Private Clients

Equine Therapy / Horse Therapy / Equine-Assisted Therapy in Woodend, Victoria

As a practicing psychotherapist, I was very excited to be participating in a session with Rachael and her horses in a therapeutic setting. This I knew to be a very different approach to the therapy that I offer, though I went in with complete confidence that I would be held by Rachael for whatever would arise. I was not disappointed. In fact, it was life-changing. 

Upon arriving at her property I was already relaxed by the beautiful surrounds that she had set up before even meeting her horses. After sitting with Rachael, sipping tea and engaging with her gentle approach preparing me for the introduction to the horses, a magical world opened.

I truly moved into a place where all 3 of her horses offered me an experience of deep emotional healing. Being with horses in this way allows you, the human, to surrender over worries, fears, problems, anxieties to these magnificent animals. The horse has a power and grace that seems to find a way into your heart. Rachael was completely present to my process the whole time and l felt as deeply supported by her as I did with the horses.

I recommend to all those reading this, to book a session and go on a journey like no other.

- TERESA, Woodend

Equine Therapy / Horse Therapy / Equine-Assisted Therapy in Woodend, Victoria, Australia

I arrived and was warmly greeted by Rachael and welcomed into her magical property. After settling in and by dropping into my own internal space Rachael gently guided me towards her majestic horses.
It was incredibly overwhelming to be in the presence of such calmly assured animals and quickly allowed me to release the emotions I had been holding.
Rachael’s energy held me softly yet securely while I navigated myself around the horses.
This was followed up with a profound meditation/visualisation that furthered my experience.
I would greatly encourage anyone seeking to know themselves more deeply, or those seeking to release emotions or simply to be held by the magic of Rachael and her horses.

- ROSLYN, Woodend

Horse magic

Today was priceless for me Rachael. I lay on the bed when I got home and savoured, - 'a found self', precious time with beautiful and caring Tavi, discovering a new gentle and confident Lady, and sensing a wisdom in Clover that I have missed until now. I loved Franklin and hope to get a chance to know him. And of course your dear hold the session together so exquisitely. Your words touched me so deeply today and I can still feel some of them reverberating in my inner being. So much to hold onto and be grateful for. You are such a gift for me Rachael. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I love the pics. and plan to print them tomorrow and place them around my apartment as a constant reminder. I feel a calm and peace tonight that I haven't known for months. Deep gratitude once more, be good to yourself and we'll talk again. Love to you and your 4 legged angels. 

- N, Melbourne

Equine Therapy / Horse Therapy / Equine-Assisted Therapy in Woodend, Victoria, Australia

Rachael is one of those rare beauties who has the capacity to sit with others in their discomfort until they find their ease again.

Horses have always been a big part of my life and a coming home. Spending time with her and her horses gave insights into deep tension and conditioning in a very pure way. The interaction I had with the horses very much mimicked what plays out in human relationships and the pain that comes with it. Highly recommend Heart of the Horse, they really do have these big beautiful hearts that touch you in a way that is so honest.”

- KAHMEN, Melbourne

girl on horse heart of the horse

Rachael's extensive experience with equine therapy, yoga and Eastern and  holistic healing culture has allowed her to achieve great results for my 
autistic son.  It has long been scientifically established that autism can not be 'cured' and I would urge people to avoid anyone who claims that they can  cure  autism. 
However, it is also well established that a range of therapies can assist  autistics to compensate and develop alternate neural pathways to  dramatically improve their quality of life and to function and even thrive in  society. 
Rachael's unique and customised approach to equine therapy has  augmented my son's other therapies to produce amazing results. 
For example, rather than simply having my son jump on a horse,  Rachael guided him in how to approach, groom and interact with a horse.  Such proprioceptive sensory integration activities combined with the  vestibular sensory activity of the mountedsessions have worked wonders formy son. 
Rachael integrated these activities with breathing and calming  techniques.  
Of course, Rachael's cheerful and positive personality make her therapeutic   
sessions relaxing and great fun for both me and my son.  I can also see how variations of such therapy could help people who suffer from other issues  such as depression, anxiety or phobias. 

- CLARISSA, Woodend

unicorn heart of the horse image

I have been doing the Meditation, Mindfulness and Chai sessions for several months now and find the experience truly phenomenal. I have been dealing with trauma and high level anxiety and each session brings back a sense of calm and assists me in grounding myself. I leave each session with renewed vigor and optimism and feel incredibly blessed by the experience. Though I am unable to articulate just how these horses (and one very special dog) assist me, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the strength I have found to keep going and my renewed sense of inner peace and understanding, has indeed come from these magnificent creatures.
I regularly see a psychologist and she agrees that my disposition has improved tremendously since beginning these sessions and regularly encourages me to continue to attend. Rachael has the most beautiful soul and will make you feel completely supported. She takes a very gentle approach, making it easy for people who have never been around horses or participated in group meditation, fit right in with complete ease and comfort. I would recommend these sessions to absolutely everyone as I truly believe, no matter your condition, experience or belief, you will get something out of these amazing sessions set in the most peaceful and tranquil locations...oh and the chai will most definitely surround your heart like a big warm hug!

SHANNON, Melbourne 

Retreats - 1 day & 3 day/2 night

meditation heart of the horse drummond north

If you have ever wondered or dreamt about the powerful energy or presence of horses, [land dolphins], then Heart of the Horses is a journey worth making. I chose the three day and 2-night package at his incredibly beautiful property where Rachael had considered every detail to make me feel welcomed, relaxed and totally nurtured. By the time I left, I realised I had been supported to meet my goals and take time for life to unfold in perfect timing.

- Maryanne, Surf Coast Nov 2023

image for child testimonials Heart of the Horse in Drummond North

I recently spent a totally uplifting day with Rachael and 5 other beautiful humans at a “Know Thyself Day”. I found it a totally nurturing and relaxing experience. Rachael facilitated a day of yoga, meditation, reflection and time spent with her wonderfully empathic horses which was so calming. She provided us with delicious food and chai and I can’t thank her enough for the perfect balm to my body, mind and soul that the day provided.🙏

- Kylie, Woodend

I recently attended a 3 day retreat with Rachael. I don’t think I have ever been nurtured like the way she nurtured me. In total safety, I was able to express what I needed. The healing experience with the 3 horses was one of the best experiences of my life. In the afternoon my massage was just perfect. What a day. I floated through the rest part of the day and felt truly blessed. Helping Rachael with the horses after that was another bonus. I definitely recommend the retreat for anyone who needs some nurturing and healing.
- Marg, Woodend 

Magical experience! I was looking for a retreat as I am newly separated and seeking healing. I was traveling on my own, a first for me, and wanting to feel safe. I wanted a midweek retreat with yoga and healing, to be nurtured and supported. I loved that Kundalini Yoga was offered. The herd of horses were instrumental in my healing. I was lucky to have a 1 on 1 retreat experience. Rachel provided nurturing and healing the entire time, I was so comfortable and had my own space. I was given many options which made the retreat tailored to my own needs. I was so relaxed each day and slept deeply and peacefully, waking each morning feeling light in my body, all of my aches and pains disappeared, I was able to focus within, I felt calm and happy. My 1 on 1 retreat experience was a privilege. The herd enabled me to confront my emotions and find answers, helping me to move forward. I felt very much at home and I valued I was given choices that allowed me to experience a bespoke 3 day retreat totally designed for my needs. I was refreshed and more focused on my way forward in my life. I highly recommend it and will be back again


- Nicole, Perth

I made a last minute decision to attend a Heart of the Horse weekend retreat and wasn’t I happy that I did 🙏🏼 At the time I was really tired, life was challenging and I felt I needed some support and maybe find some answers to tough decisions I had to make at the time. When it was time to go I got the good old voice telling me “just stay home you don’t need to go, just have a rest” I ignored that and knew I had to go. When I arrived the lovely Rachael greeted me at her gorgeous property set amongst beautiful rolling green hills 🌲 ahhh I felt relaxed and so glad I came. Turned out it was just me there for the retreat.


The 1 on 1 weekend was amazing from start to finish, spending healing time with the majestic horses, being served home cooked healthy meals, chai, yoga, teachings and meaningful conversation with host Rachael was perfect. The weekend was exactly what I needed and I have already booked another retreat with Heart of the Horse 🐴❤️ Thank you Rachael see you again soon.

- Danni, Melbourne

A massive thank you to Rachael @heartofthehorse for facilitating such a powerful, deeply healing and transformational afternoon with the Meditation, Mindfulness & Chai session. To “show” up with all of my parts and personalities and have the opportunity to see first hand that everything I need, want and desire is deep within myself was such a gift to be re-given. Once the expectations and pressure I put on myself time and time again were acknowledged and addressed I was then able to “let go” and fully step into all of my authentic, vulnerable and deeply caring parts, thus giving me the healing energy that already is so interwoven into myself.. For someone who was highly allergic to horses I was not only able to be there for these beautiful animals but to be of service of one of them that wasn’t well.. Such an incredible afternoon spent on the ZIG ZAG farm surrounded by some many other people that were showing up and on their own healing journey. Thank you God for the opportunity to stand so tall, courageous and resilient, moving through some of the hardest, darkest and scariest moments of my entire life here in earth. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!! @riseandshinehealing

- Simon, Melbourne

The Know Thyself retreat at Heart of the Horse, is a day that will stay with me for years to come. From the moment you step onto Racheal’s property you are instantly taken by the picturesque views of nature. Racheal’s ability to nurture you throughout the day alongside her herd is profoundly remarkable. If you are in need of some TLC please look no further! Such a wonderful day shared with such caring women.


- Kylie, Woodend

A happy place - Seeking soul purpose, I made my way to Heart of the Horse retreat by train to Malmsbury to be picked up by Rachael and to wind our way through the rolling valley to what would become another of my happy places. I had no expectation other than to be close to nature and to four healing horses, Franklin, Tavi, Lady and Clover. The 3-day, 2-night retreat was magical: being with the herd, being with self, being with Kasey and Leela the dogs, and being with a fellow retreater and Rachael. Waking with the sunrise, breathing the clean air, Kundalini yoga in the bell tent, reading, eating nourishing food, drinking cleansing teas, exploring, bathing, caring massage from Ang, meditating and slipping into a deep sleep after the sun sets. It was a refreshing, revitalising, remarkable time. I loved the synchronicities, the affirmation, the closeness to peace. If you’re guided here and spend your time mindfully, you’ll wander home closer to your soul purpose and feel like the Universe has given you a warm, wonderful hug. Thank you

- Lou, Melbourne



Rachael’s Kundalini classes are woven together intuitively with heart, soul & magic.

I gratefully journey my week sustained by the love and energy created by Rachael and this beautiful group that practices together each week.

- Lara, Denver

I am deeply grateful for the weekly Kundalini Yoga offering that Rachael provides.  It is something I look forward to each week. Thank you for holding true space for us to joyful, sincere, intense. relaxed but always present with what we experience on the mat so that we might cultivate the strength to experience fully everything in the world.

- Jen, Kyneton

I was referred to Kundalini Yoga with Rachael in 2023 and immediately felt I was in the right place. I had tried yoga before but felt the spiritual component was ignored or not integrated. Rachael is welcoming and generous in her approach.
Love the experience.

- Chris, Kyneton

"Rachael wraps you up in her warmth and gently guides you to greater perspective and self-compassion. She's an absolute wealth of knowledge and generously shares her many contacts. In a session with Rachael, you're not just getting life coaching - you're also experiencing the wholeness of her ecclectic offerings and a lifetime of experience in the healing space.”

- Lottie, Central Victoria

It was so wonderful to be in a space where I could speak freely and honestly in a trusting space as that you offered from the start of our time together.


You offer wisdom, warmth, breadth of knowledge and a space of knowing that supports my journey and goals.


Thanks for the wonderful tools you have provided during and after our time together.

- Evette, Gisborne

Kundalini Classes

Soul Purpose Life Coaching

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