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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga found me 10 years ago.  I stumbled across a teacher online and I LOVED it.  I practised solo at home as I lived rurally at the time, it was 3 years into my love of Kundalini before I even did a live in person class.  The mantras are what open my heart every single time.  I love to practice with my eyes closed and quieten down the stimulation from the outer world.

Kundalini Yoga is wonderful for moving energy, working with and noticing the breath, connecting with the body, moving stagnicity and finding calmness within.  It is incredibly different to equine assisted learning but the outcome is similar to what the horses assist us with.


I did my 300hr teacher training in Rishikesh in India in 2019 and since then have offered weekly classes in Central Victoria.  I currently run a Wednesday morning class in a beautiful bell tent on my property in Drummond North, just on the outskirts of Malmsbury.  People travel from the surrounding local towns to get their Kundalini fix.  I love to weave the Kundalini teachings into the other healing modalities that I am passionate about - soul purpose life coaching, healing with horses, energy healing and retreat experiences.  My life is always in the best alignment when I commit to my morning practice.

I do collaborate and travel to various events to share classes for workplace wellness, workshops or festivals.  Love to chat if you would like to bring some Kundalini Yoga into your group.


If you are interested in Kundalini Yoga you can find my classes on the calendar on the home page or on FB Page Kundalini Yoga with Rachael

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