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Soul purpose life coaching


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Soul Purpose Life Coaching Packages
in person or via zoom 

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed and don't know the next steps to bring your life back into alignment, you will love this deep dive. Perhaps you have a million ideas of possibilities but don't action any of them and get frustrated with yourself for going around in circles.  Or on reflection are you having the same conversations hating your job/relationship/family dynamic that you were in 1 year ago, 2 years, or even 5 years ago?  Is your soul nudging you that there is more to life than how you are living?  Is there that secret desire you have had to write a book, inspire others, work with animals or perhaps work with children. The list is eternal.  But you will know that spark that lies unexpressed within you, if that feels true.


These sessions are a combination of all of my life skills and experiences that inspire me to be helpful and of service to those attracted to my offerings.  I am a seeker and have spent well over a $100,000 in courses, personal and professional development, healing modalities and consider myself an expert at listening to the intuitive nudges of my soul.  And live courageously to action them.  I believe this is my Dharma (purpose).  I walk my talk and I feel very resourced to meet you where you are at, and begin the journey together. The power of speaking and finding a safe place to express all that is unsaid in life, is a gift to give yourself. 

I am open to coaching you and a friend or two for the same price, I love the power of group work.  So choose your package and then split it 2 or 3 ways.  Now that is a bargain!  It is just worth mentioning if you are drawn to this option, the people that you create the coaching container with have to be willing to be open and honest with each other. If that level of safety is not there, it will be hard to visit the vulnerable places that most likely will arise somewhere through the experience.

My personal areas of passion are 


People experiencing burnout and feel lost within themselves


People who dream to create their own reality and want to move from being an employee to create their own livelihood


People who know there is more to life but just do not know where to start


Women who are in the later years of mothering and are thinking about the next chapter for themselves


People who are undergoing dramatic life changes ie loss of their relationship or job, or just feel very lost within themselves.  They are currently in an ending and have no plan of what is next.  These are our most challenging life events and often prove to be the most fertile experiences of our lives (although they feel far from that at the time). 


People experiencing a healing crisis - loss of relationship, unhealed trauma surfacing, feeling under-resourced to cope with life


People who have never really backed themselves or had self belief to really seek out the life they desire

2024 Coaching Packages

Empowerment 101 - I am willing to allow myself to change

Let’s open up new possibilities on a 1 month journey
4 x weekly 90 minute sessions over the course of the month


Transformation - Listening to the wisdom of your soul

Lets walk together on a 2 month journey
5 x 90 minute sessions over the course of 2 months


Let’s unlock your mission

A deep dive to creating the life you are here to live
3 whole months dedicated to unlocking your full potential 8 x 90 minute sessions over the course of 3 months


This is hands down my favourite. Why? Because I have reinvented myself many times in my life. Letting things go, breaking old habits, exploring limiting beliefs, working through the pro’s and con’s of change and of course dreaming new possibilities. This takes time. It is not a quick process. We are often in the fertile void in this time, potentially letting things go but not sure of what is on the horizon. It can be deeply uncomfortable. I would be lying if I said otherwise. Every cell in my body knows this process. This beautiful package creates the space for you to evolve through the processes we share. Time for you to dive deep into your truths and begin to harness the courage to take small steps or bold life changing free flying decisions to match your mission on earth. Don’t be scared by that word, that is part of what we can unlock together.

Hold my hand while I radically re-invent myself

12 weekly x 90minute sessions over 3 months


This is perfect when you are currently in the holy fire of transformation and you are holding on for dear life. One of my favourite quotes to describe this experience is
“If you are in a Dark Night of the Soul right now: So, if you, my friend, are mid- spiral right now, on your way down or all the way down, know that the dark place you are in where it seems God Herself has forsaken you, I have been there. I may be there again. And I am listening.

"Even if I never get to meet you, I will meet you here, because the dark is a place where I made my home and I found my home. I can go there with you now anytime. I can sit with you, and you will feel the metronome of my heart beating with yours. We can burn together. I know how to burn with you, yet not go down in flames. I am educated in the ways of the dark. I made it out alive, and you will too. And not just alive, but alive. Rebirthed. The parts of you dying in there, you don't need them anymore. Not where you're going.

"If you're there right now, I know you can barely hear me. I know the sound is muffled, and anything that tastes remotely of platitude you will spit out at once. But hear this: where you are is not a mistake. You are in the forge. The goddess of holy blacksmithery knows what the hell she is doing. "I myself have no map or script or blueprint to give to you, but you will still make your way through. But don't worry about that now. It might sound like bullshit. Just put one foot in front of the other. Breathe in, and breathe out, again and again. Don't even try to imagine the sacred yet. I will not try to convince you that there's any sacred left in your life. Just give me your hand and take one more step with me, and then one more. I know that where we are going is worth all of it. But you have to believe me. All you have to do is trust me. Even if to trust me, just stay with me. Stay with me here.

"Let me show you the rungs on the ladder out of this cesspool you are submerged in. Let me straighten the crown on your head as you dodge arrows flying at you from your own mouth.

"Stay with me here. Keep reading. Keep feeling. There will be at least one good, true, useful thing you'll find here that will work for you. Let me show you how to use pain as a life raft. Let me show you the wisdom of what feels insanely hard. Let me show you how to let your isolation drag you into the arms of the Beloved. Stay with me here. Let me show you how to grab another and another pearl out of the underworld and return to this world alive. You're in a holy place, even though it feels like hell. This is where an aspect of your Genius is birthed." FEMININE GENIUS, LIYANA SILVER

Need I say more, let us begin if this is where you are at right now..

A coaching container for liberation
A full ONE day deep dive immersion into YOU. 6 hours


This is an ideal experience if you are short on time and know that you don’t have the space to incorporate regular coaching into your schedule. This also can be ideal if you are unexpectedly finding yourself in the precipice of change or unexpected life circumstances and you do not have time to spaciously explore the possibilities in front of you.

We will spend the day together from 10am - 4pm at a location that we choose. There will be a framework that we will explore in helping you align your inherent gifts with the life you are wanting to create. Don’t be perturbed by the word framework as our processes will also be intuitive, creative and most importantly bubbling up from deep within you. Varied healing modalities may well be incorporated to help with any aspects that are creating blocks, or may be sabotaging you creating the life you are here to live. We will share chai, lunch and delicious cake to celebrate at the end of our day.

In all of the above packages you will be given prompts to explore various modalities in between our sessions that will support you discovering your unique potential. They could include journaling, dance, meditation, moving your body, utilising healing visualisations and various other practices that may specifically help with what you personally are navigating.

These packages are NOT for you

If you want to stay the same right as you are in this now moment. Take a minute and dream ahead 6 months, 1 year, 5 you like what you see on your current trajectory? Can we safely assume, this could be where you will be if no action is taken? If you think I will provide the solutions and you can just turn up. It is the fertile time in between our sessions that changes will weave through your life - based on your commitment to YOU Let’s have a discovery call if we haven’t already, to chat further to see if we both feel we are the right match for one another. Let’s be pioneers and explore limitless innovations and curiosities as you birth your most aligned and authentic version of yourself into the world.

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