Working with horses to help you navigate what is causing you disturbance in your life and hopefully bring you some inner peace.





Welcome to Heart of the Horse


Experience a profound form of healing involving horses. If you're longing for a change in your life, but just can't seem to take the next step, then this type of experience is for you. If there's a dark smudge of emotional pain that lingers and erratically storms no matter what you do, this may be the answer. If you just want to have a serene, gorgeous experience that heals, centres and realigns you, then this is just the thing.


I'll guide you through a remarkably, serene session involving horses to help you get through whatever it is that you are traversing at the moment. You'll connect with these magnificent animals, while I hold the space and facilitate the experience for you.  I'll ensure you feel supported and help you navigate whatever is holding you back or causing you pain.  The horses help you tap into incredible wisdom which you can harness to bring about profound healing and personal transformation.


By taking some time to be with calm and healthy horses, every part of you surrenders to the present moment. This is very powerful in helping you stabilise your nervous system and leads to a heightened awareness of the present moment. Birds unleash their songs, fresh air invigorates the skin and colours caress the senses, helping to soothe your nerves and help you relax. 


Healing sessions with horses also help you become aware of and unravel patterns that are no longer serving you. Let's face it, we all have a lot of those! The horses and I can assist you to work out what isn't working in your relationships and work with you to develop juicy, authentic connections with those around you.

Sessions involve practical tools that you can take back into your everyday life, giving you the opportunity to continue with ongoing healing and transformation.  We are located in Drummond North, just on the outskirts of Malmsbury in Central Victoria. For those clients that travel from Melbourne why not make a day of it and explore the beautiful towns of Woodend (20 mins away), Kyneton (10 mins away), Daylesford (25 mins away) or Castlemaine (25 mins away)


What happens in a session? 


On arrival, you will be greeted by the adorable Kasey, our much-loved Border Collie, who is an integral part of our team.  We share some tea and check in with each other and discuss what you'd like out of the experience before you spend time with the horses.  Each session can be incredibly different, so from this point on what occurs can vary greatly. 


I'll design an experience that best serves YOU.  We'll work with whatever level of contact around the horses that you feel comfortable with. The specific type of contact with the horses really depends on you and why you're attracted to experiencing the healing power of horses in this way. If you come for multiple sessions, the experience may change according to what we are working on, what themes have arisen and of course, how the horses interact with you during each session.


Meet the Herd


During our session together you'll have the opportunity to meet the herd made up of Boomer (Ex pacer), Lady (Ex racehorse), Tavi (loved pet all her life) and Clover the Clydesdale (loved pet all her life).  I am very conscious not to describe each of the horses' personalities as I know them. They present themselves very differently to each person.  They are all of a reasonable size and have beautiful temperaments that are ideally suited to this work.  They are a part of my wonderful family.  Heart of the Horse is a flow on from the love that we share. 




















How Healing with Horses Can Help You


It's really difficult to confine the benefits of this form of healing to a concise list as it can help many people in so many ways. Here are a few of the benefits, but realistically we can help you work through any challenge that you are currently navigating. Please feel free to touch base and we can discuss your personal requirements. 


  • Personal Development - helping you to identify and move through what is that is keeping you stuck 

  • Ease stress

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Assist with overcoming depression

  • Improve relationship dynamics

  • Help you overcome boundary issues

  • Ease addictions (including alcohol & drug dependency)

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

  • Assist in establishing trust

  • Help to overcome fears

  • Tools to help with anger management

  • Assist those with a love of horses and a desire to connect with them

  • Help overcome fear from a previous horse incident

  • Assist those suffering from PTSD


Horse-based healing sessions are suitable for anyone. You don't need to have any previous experience with horses. 

** These sessions are relevant for any age group.  To date, my youngest client is 6 years old and the oldest is 80 years old, with every other age range in-between **


About Myself (Rachael)


In case you hadn't guessed, I adore horses. They have been a part of my life since I was a young girl. I have also in some ways been helping others since that time as well. It's just who I am. Over the years I have formalised my healing credentials in addition to a vast array of processes, tools, and skills. This gives me a diverse and unique healing repertoire. 


I have been trained by the Victorian Equine Psychotherapy Institute and I'm certified in Equine Assisted Learning where we harness the wisdom of horses, in a facilitated environment, to help people explore aspects of their lives that are causing concern or even distress.  This certification is highly regarded and considered the most rigorous one that can be undertaken in Australia. My certification with horses combined with the healing processes and skills that I have cultivated in private practice for the last decade has led me to create an equine-based healing experience quite unlike any other.  I have a myriad of techniques that can be used to help you be the best version of yourself.  These can consist of reflexology, reiki, energy balancing and guided visualisations. Whatever process or tool I use may help to change the neuroplasticity of your brain and often assists in releasing outdated beliefs that can be negatively impacting your life.  


Before embarking on this work as my main livihood, I spent a 5 year period assisting clients at a holistic residential wellness rehabilitation centre in Daylesford. The clientele were people who have had to cope with the most extreme life conditions & personal traumas. Sharing the healing journey to help empower these clients, has enabled me to build a highly effective repertoire of skills to draw on in during our horse healing experience together.  A combination of all of these learnings allows me to bring to you a fresh and unique way to navigate this thing called LIFE.

In early 2019, I followed another of my passions and whilst on an extended stay in India I did a 300hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.  Many aspects from these learnings I bring towards my sessions with the horses.  Kundalini Yoga is wonderful for moving energy, working with and noticing the breath, connecting with the body, moving stagnicity and finding calmness within.  It is incredibly different to equine assisted learning but the outcome is similar to what the horses assist us with. If you are interested in Kundalini Yoga you can find my classes In Woodend and around the Macedon Ranges on FB Page Kundalini Yoga with Rachael 




Print Meditation, Mindfulness & Chai wit

Meditation, Mindfulness & Chai with Heart of the Horse.


The next dates for group sessions practicing mindfulness and meditation whilst sipping on lovely hot chai in the presence of the herd at Heart of the Horse.

Sunday 18th April 2021 - please book via email for this one as I have changed the booking tool to Humanitix from May onwards.

Sunday 23rd May 2021

Sunday 20th June 2021

Sunday 22nd August 2021

Sunday 12th September 2021


We will gather together, ground our energy, tune into our bodies and immerse ourselves in horse wisdom to help us navigate our modern lives. You will get to spend plenty of time with the horses and experience their presence in this most unique way.


You will love these sessions if you are curious how healing with horses works. Perhaps, you have been looking for new tools or resources to support yourself in your day to day life. Maybe just the idea of being out in nature in the presence of these magnificent sentient beings is attractive to you.


What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon to regroup or reset your week - bring a friend, perhaps a teen or come alone and meet some like-minded people.


If you think anyone in your network may be interested I would love you to share these events. 

If the weather is cold, rug up. If it is raining we will postpone. $50 per person,        1-3pm numbers are limited. Located Drummond North, just outside of Malmsbury, 75mins easy drive North of Melbourne on the Calder Freeway.

For tickets to all dates:


November 2020 session













Winter Forest Walk with the Herd from Heart of the Horse

So many of my clients can’t get enough of being with horses. Many of them used to love horses when they were younger and are just reconnecting now later in life.  Many others have never had anything to do with horses but are deeply drawn to them.

My privilege is to create ways to connect and facilitate people to have heart connections with horses.

This is my latest dreaming, come and join me, the herd and dogs for a beautiful forest walk together. Winter in the forests of the region is one of my favourite times of the year. We will depart from my property in Drummond North and access Belltopper Hill which is part of the Fryers Ridge State Forest which was famous through the gold rush era.

We will take turns leading the horses as we walk, talk and nourish ourselves in the winter bushland.

Medium fitness is required as there are some undulating hills, appropriate footwear and clothing to be out hiking in winter. This is an offering for 15years plus.


There are 2 dates to choose from on the links below


Saturday 3rd July 2021




Saturday 14th August 2021


winter forest walk august.png

Vitality in Nature - Expressions of interest

One Day Retreat Sunday in October 2021

This is the second time we have offered this event.  Our March 2020 experience was amazing for all who attended.


Enjoying a morning of Yoga and breathing in the garden and an afternoon with Heart of the Horse experiencing the healing power of horses.

Join Kiran Jot from Sadhana Studios St Kilda and Rachael Gibson of Heart of the Horse in the lush and vital nature of Drummond North for a day retreat, where we will be delving in to vitality, connecting to our true nature, stress release, through the sacred technology of Kundalin Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, meditation, breathing and mindfulness.

We will break for lunch and spend the afternoon healing with the horses. This is a great opportuinty for anyone interested to learn more about how Horse Therapy works, as well as curious to go a little deeper in to their own connection to their soul and authentic self.

By taking some time to be with calm and healthy horses, every part of you surrenders to the present moment. This is very powerful in helping you stabilise your nervous system and leads to a heightened awareness of the present moment. Birds unleash their songs, fresh air invigorates the skin and colours caress the senses, helping to soothe your nerves and help you relax. Maybe just the idea of being out in nature in the presence of these magnificent sentient beings is attractive to you, a beautiful way to spend your Saturday.

Connecting in nature, in a safe and contained setting, with space held by two Kundalini Yoga teachers and healers, and of course, the horses, this is a unique opportunity to nurture and nourish yourself at a deep level. We will gather together, ground our energy, tune in to our bodies and immerse ourselves in horse wisdom to help us navigate our modern lives.

All levels of fitness welcome. No yoga experience neccessary.

Come in comfortable clothing (optional white), please bring a yoga mat, a pillow, a blanket, warm clothing if needed, closed shoes, and an open mind. If warm weather rug up and if hot, bring a hat and sunscreen. If heavy rain is forecast we will postpone.

Option for car share from Sadhana Studios St Kilda for Melbourne CBD travellers.

Cost: $150 or for Sadhana Studio or Heart of the Horse existing clients $139


The day includes a herbal tea and welcome circle, followed by a Kundalini Yoga class outside in nature, a vegetarian lunch overlooking the rolling hills of Central Victoria and the afternoon experiencing the healing power of horses.

Located 1.5 hours North of Melbourne.

Chairs available if needed.

Vegetarian Lunch provided, please email any allergy or dietary requests.

Email to book or further questions to Kiran Jot sadhanastudiosstkilda@gmail.com www.sadhanastudios.com.au

or Rachael Gibson rachael@heartofthehorse.com.au


feminine rising course with Heart of the

Feminine Rising

A journey with Heart of the Horse unlocking, rediscovering and owning your feminine self.

The second time this course will be offered is in Sep/Oct 2021 - please register your interest if you are curious

Feminine Rising is a divine journey into your true and authentic self. We will gather as an intimate group of women, look within, reset, re-evaluate, and re-emerge deeply connected to our true & higher self.

Over the course of 4 months, we will meet monthly for a half day and embark on a journey of claiming back that most special aspect of self. We will incorporate horse wisdom as we explore our boundaries, our breath and connecting to our authentic self. We will use mantra and meditations from the Kundalini Yoga tradition to help us ground and be still enough to connect to the healing power of my special herd of horses along with our own wisdom.

I meet so many women that have lost their zest for life, feel like they are just going through the motions and who have completely lost touch with their passions. Many are mothers who consistently place everyone else’s needs in front of their own, bad habits may form without realizing, but does it have to be that way?

Our lives are over scheduled and as women we have many commitments and roles that we fulfill. Our feminine self can often feel neglected, bedraggled and worn out. It does not need to stay that way. The course will give us a glimpse of what lies deep within us all and allow us to see aspects of ourselves that may currently be a distant memory. Feminine Rising is a gift to your beloved self.

In dedicating this time for yourself, the benefits will flow into your relationships, your parenting, your workplace, your way of being in the world and most likely into your bedroom! Embodying our sacred sexuality will be woven throughout the sessions.

It is incredibly powerful to be in sacred circle, to be with other women from whom to share & learn with and from. We are all navigating this thing called life together, yet often it feels like an isolated journey. You will be given practices to use at home between our gatherings to help integrate what we uncover. We will complete the course with a beautiful ceremony to celebrate our sacred time together.

How do you know if this course is for you? It will call you. It will keep coming into your awareness, maybe synchronicities will occur that remind you. You may feel tentative, petrified, or filled with resistance but you will be called. You get to choose whether you follow the whispers or the resounding loud yes to join.

This course has been created to be taken as a small intimate group (Maximum of 10 participants), alternatively if you cannot make the dates selected you can undertake individually via 4 x 2-hour sessions.

Feminine Rising will be held at a beautiful private property that offers peace along with stunning views in Drummond North, on the outskirts of Malmsbury in Central Victoria. Just 90 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

The dates are to be confirmed but will be in the spring of 2021

Investment for group sessions 3 x 3 1⁄2 hours/ 1 x 4 1⁄2 hours - $595

The group sessions will be a Saturday afternoon twice a month for 2 months

As an individual package 4 x 2-hour sessions, taken at your convenience - $795


Non-Refundable Deposit $100 / Final payment 14 days prior / payment plans are available upon request.


To Book: email rachael@heartofthehorse.com.au


Pic of myself and the magnificent Boomer taken by Goddess and the Horse (thank you Donna Todd)

Gift Vouchers Available

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