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Working with horses to help you navigate what is causing disturbance in your life. We will

 help you regain inner peace & foster a greater connection within yourself



Thank you for arriving here. I look forward to meeting in person or online if you are drawn to my offerings. On this site I weave all of my expereinces and passions together to create a very unique healing experience that has been cultivated over the last 20 years of following the wisdom of my own soul. Often they overlap but the site is set up for you to navigate to what you are most drawn to. For many it will be the healing with horses experiences that I offer in person. These can be both individual or group sessions or for longer restorative ones you may enjoy either one day retreats or our signature experience of the 3 day / 2 night Healing with Horses & Wellness Retreat. There is currently nowhere else offering a retreat of this intimacy and style within Australia. You will also find my soul purpose life coaching sessions or Kundalini Yoga classes on this site under their own tab, so head there now if this is what you are seeking. Watch out for a new tab appearing when I launch our book sharing the healing power of horses to be released in the latter part of 2024. I am having so much fun playing with this creative process and can't wait for this beautiful healing book to be birthed into the world. Take a peek on TikTok, I was so delightedly surprised when my work went viral on here, but it gave me so much confidence that people are looking for connection and healing through new avenues. If TikTok is not your thing I am starting to put some content on YouTube as well (links in the header above). I am inspired to see how this most beautiful and special herd of horses are impacting people that directly spend time with them and also followers from all over the world who are drawn to the energy of our work). Don't forget to subscribe. For the most part, the work with the horses is central to my offerings. Equine assisted learning is a profound form of healing involving horses. If you're longing for a change in your life, but just can't seem to take the next step, then this type of experience is for you. If there's a dark smudge of emotional pain that lingers and erratically storms no matter what you do, this may be the answer. If you just want to have a serene, gorgeous experience that heals, centres and realigns you, then this is just the thing. When you visit us I'll guide you through a remarkably, serene session involving horses to help you get through whatever it is that you are traversing at the moment. You'll connect with these magnificent animals, while I hold the space and facilitate the experience for you.  I'll ensure you feel supported and help you navigate whatever is holding you back or causing you pain.  The horses help you tap into incredible wisdom which you can harness to bring about profound healing and personal transformation. By taking some time to be with calm and healthy horses, every part of you surrenders to the present moment. This is very powerful in helping you stabilise your nervous system and leads to a heightened awareness of the present moment. Birds unleash their songs, fresh air invigorates the skin and colours caress the senses, helping to soothe your nerves and help you relax.  Healing sessions with horses also help you become aware of and unravel patterns that are no longer serving you. Let's face it, we all have a lot of those! The horses and I can assist you to work out what isn't working in your relationships and work with you to develop juicy, authentic connections with those around you. Sessions involve practical tools that you can take back into your everyday life, giving you the opportunity to continue with ongoing healing and transformation. We are located in Drummond North, just on the outskirts of Malmsbury in Central Victoria. For those clients that travel from Melbourne why not make a day of it and explore the beautiful towns of Woodend (20 mins away), Kyneton (10 mins away), Daylesford (25 mins away) or Castlemaine (25 mins away). If you are in need of a getaway with a healing focus then come on retreat with us, you will have time and space to deeply absorb the essence of our work and leave feeling a deep sense of peace and a stronger connection to your innate sense of self.

What's on Calendar

What happens in a session? 

On arrival, you will be greeted by the adorable Kasey & Leela, our much-loved Border Collies, who are an integral part of our team.  We share some tea and check in with each other and discuss what you'd like out of the experience before you spend time with the horses.  Each session can be incredibly different, so from this point on what occurs can vary greatly.


I'll design an experience that best serves YOU.  We'll work with whatever level of contact around the horses that you feel comfortable with. The specific type of contact with the horses really depends on you and why you're attracted to experiencing the healing power of horses in this way. If you come for multiple sessions, the experience may change according to what we are working on, what themes have arisen and of course, how the horses interact with you during each session.


Meet the Herd

During our session together you'll have the opportunity to meet the herd made up of Franklyn (Ex Mounted Police Horse), Lady (Ex racehorse), Tavi (loved pet all her life) and Clover the Clydesdale (loved pet all her life).  I am very conscious not to describe each of the horses' personalities as I know them. They present themselves very differently to each person.  They are all of a reasonable size and have beautiful temperaments that are ideally suited to this work. We are deeply connected and Heart of the Horse is a flow on from the love that we share. 


How Healing with Horses Can Help You

It's really difficult to confine the benefits of this form of healing to a concise list, as it can help many people in so many ways. Here are a few of the benefits, but realistically we can help you work through any challenge that you are currently navigating. Please feel free to touch base and we can discuss your personal requirements. 


Ease stress


Reduce anxiety


Assist with overcoming depression


Improve relationship dynamics


Help you overcome boundary issues


Ease addictions (including alcohol & drug dependency)


Improve self-esteem and confidence


Assist in establishing trust


Help to overcome fears


Tools to help with anger management


Assist those with a love of horses and a desire to connect with them


Help overcome fear from a previous horse incident


Personal Development - helping you to identify and move through what is that is keeping you stuck


Assist those suffering from PTSD

Horse-based healing sessions are suitable for anyone. You don't need to have any previous experience with horses.

** These sessions are relevant for any age group.  To date, my youngest client is 6 years old and the oldest is 84 years old, with every other age range in-between ** 

About Rachael

In case you hadn't guessed, I adore horses. They have been a part of my life since I was a young girl. I have also in some ways been helping others since that time as well. It's just who I am. Over the years I have formalised my healing credentials in addition to a vast array of processes, tools, and skills. This gives me a diverse and unique healing repertoire. I have been trained by the Victorian Equine Psychotherapy Institute and I'm certified in Equine Assisted Learning where we harness the wisdom of horses, in a facilitated environment, to help people explore aspects of their lives that are causing concern or even distress. This certification is highly regarded and considered the most rigorous one that can be undertaken in Australia. My certification with horses combined with the healing processes and skills that I have cultivated in private practice for the last decade has led me to create an equine-based healing experience quite unlike any other. I have a myriad of tools & techniques that can be used to help you be the best version of yourself. These can consist of reflexology, reiki, energy balancing, yoga, meditations and guided healing visualisations. Whatever process or tool I use may help to change the neuroplasticity of your brain and often assists in releasing outdated beliefs that can be negatively impacting your life. Before embarking on this work as my main livlihood, I spent a 5 year period assisting clients at a holistic residential wellness rehabilitation centre in Daylesford. The clientele were people who have had to cope with the most extreme life conditions & personal traumas. Sharing the healing journey to help empower these clients, has enabled me to build a highly effective repertoire of skills to draw on in during our horse healing experience together. A combination of all of these learnings allows me to bring to you a fresh and unique way to navigate this thing called LIFE. In early 2019, I followed another of my passions and whilst on an extended stay in India I did a 300hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Many aspects from these learnings I bring towards my sessions with the horses. Kundalini Yoga is wonderful for moving energy, working with and noticing the breath, connecting with the body, moving stagnicity and finding calmness within. It is incredibly different to equine assisted learning but the outcome is similar to what the horses assist us with. If you are interested in Kundalini Yoga you can find my classes In Woodend and around the Macedon Ranges on FB Page Kundalini Yoga with Rachael Check our facebook In November 2023 I certified as a soul purpose life coach with the Dharma Institute. This has been to date the biggest investment I have made in my own professional development and I am so delighted I listened to the whispers of my own soul to pursue this certification. Many of the elements incorporated into this training I had already woven into my healing sessions and work with the horses organically, but this comprehensive course helped me know myself better than ever and has provided incredible new tools to share with others who are also seeking more in alignment in their lives. This work is utterly transformational. Rather than coming for a one off session that are outlined in the experiences pages, these coaching offerings, that you choose, have specific timeframes for you to dive deep into YOU. We work closely together for usually 1,2 or 3 months and you will get to know yourself deeper than you can imagine. I love these sacred relationships that we create and the life changing results that unfold. For 10 years I had my own business as a birth doula and these intimate but professional relationships were usually between 5-7 months long and I know how beneficial and impactful that is for true and lasting change to take place. It was really coaching, just ahead of its time. When we meet in person or online we spend time exploring your gifts and talents, work through frameworks to help you understand your unique blueprint in relation to the way you want to be of service in the world. We share healing processes, meditations and find ways for you to tune into your intuitive superpower. You will find more about these packages on the soul purpose life coaching page. In 2024, I have started to share the horse wisdom transmissions that I have been channelling from the herd for the last couple of years. I am currently creating a healing orientated book with these beautiful words, amazing images to help you feel the essence of these incredible beings and lots of healing tools to support you on your unique journey. Make sure to subscribe to stay in touch, so you will be notified when it is released. I think it will make a beautiful gift.


For your own soul transmission from the herd, check out the experiences page.


Interview with Dani from the Thank Goddess podcast


On today’s episode, we are diving deep into the healing power of horses with our special guest, the amazingly talented Rachel Gibson, of Heart of the Horse, where she facilitates healing sessions with her horses on her property in Drummond, on the outskirts of Malmsbury in Central Victoria. The horses, as she explains are powerful beings with huge magnetic heart fields that can have profound healing effects on us humans when we learn to surrender to them in their presence. This can be very powerful in helping us to stabilise our nervous system in the fast-paced world we live in.We also discuss how horses can help us connect to our Divine Feminine Energy because they are completely embodied and present in every moment, so they act as great teachers for how we too can become more embodied and present in our daily lives, connecting us more deeply to our feminine energy, which lies within the body. Regardless if you are a lover of horses or not, this episode will open your eyes to the everyday miracles that can unfold when we choose to lead with our hearts as opposed to our rational thinking minds, the spiritual significance of animals and alternative methods to healing that are not so common to most of us.

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